Rye Island Crayons



Incredible 24 years

The originally countrywide competition /from 1996/ later grew to become international

within Europe and for the last thirteen years also transcontinental – with participants

from Europe and Asia! This year’s January deadline counted 1400 pictures arriving

from many countries: Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria! And, of

course, from all over Slovakia. After two years of closures and restrictions, we now

remained on the old continent. However, this was not at all reflected in the quality of the

competition, the excellent pictures, nor in the fantastic, joyful mood in the Gallery of the

Rye Island Museum on the 9th of June 2O23.

The expert jury with members from abroad worked under the guidance of PhDr. Bohumír

Bachratý, CSc. and chose 55 equal winners, but even a hundred would be possible. They also

chose 220 images for the exhibition, which is installed in the gallery of the Rye Island

Museum and in GALLERY NOVA in Dunajská Streda. An appealing programme was part

of the vernissage. Vlado Kulíšek, a world-famous mime and friend of children, stirred up the

joyful atmosphere. He is a true master of his art. He won the attention of adults and children

without any need for words. The reactions of the children who accepted the challenge to come

out in front of the audience and play along with Maestro Kulíšek were beautiful. The Maestro

is a guarantee that all children - including those from abroad - understand us. After the fun

pantomime show, the attending children, parents, teachers and the many special guests were

welcomed by the vice-chairman of the Trnava Self-governing Region József Berényi. Vice-

mayor of the Hungarian City of Győr Szabolcs Szeles expressed kind words of appreciation

for the long-lasting competition and cooperation between the Rye Island Enlightenment

Centre and the cultural facilities of Győr. Among the guests were the vice-mayor of Dunajská

Streda Attila Karaffa, Marian Soóky, the mayor of Veľký Meder, Mária Estergájosová, the

vice-mayor of Veľký Meder and representatives of sponsors. The chairman of the jury, PhDr.

Bohumír Bachratý, Csc., has been with us since the very beginning of the competition in

1996. Thank you

Understandably so, the main point of the programme was the awarding ceremony. The

children were overjoyed with the gifts – the valuable toys, the stylish certificate, the medal in

the form of a lively-coloured crayon by the artist Štefan Alföldi, but also with the beautiful,

colourful exhibition. The parents of little Irina from Bulgaria thanked us with the


"Let us thank you very much for the brilliant organization and the beautiful vernissage. Our

family is deeply touched. Our daughter Irina is extremely happy to be part of the community

of little artists. Thank you for the respect and recognition that all the children received at the

opening ceremony. Thanks again. Stay healthy and stay confident to continue to inspire


Similarly, from Jindřichův Hradec in the Czech Republic, the parents of Veronika,

expressed words of thanks and admiration for the event, saying that it was their first time in

Slovakia and that they would love to come back. Teacher Agnieszka Chrzanowka – Malys

from Poland, who has had a great admiration for the event for many years, decided to come

and receive the prizes for her little students this year. Szabolcs Szeles, the vice-mayor of

Győr, found himself speechless and moved - he had never seen such a beautiful and big event

for the little ones.

THANK YOU, too. Tears of joyful emotion also appeared on the faces of the organizers when

all those present stayed until the very end to reward us with a long, heart-warming applause

and shouts of BRAVÓÓ!

We had never experienced such an amazing reaction before. We thank you.

Special mention should be made of the exclusive colour catalogue in three languages /Slovak,

Hungarian and English/, which has almost 100 pages and includes all the winning images.

The awarding ceremony was followed by a reception – just like the ones for accomplished

painters. The sponsors of the beautiful gifts are exclusively from the district of Dunajská

Streda and local governments /but also the store owners themselves/ and the presents are

handed over to the little awardees by personalities of the social and cultural life of the Trnava


So far - more than 36,000 children have participated in the competition in the twenty-

four years of its existence. We have had participants from 21 countries - Hungary,

Poland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia,

Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Estonia,

France, Bangladesh and Hong Kong.

As well as from our beloved Slovakia!

The patron of the event is Jozef Viskupič, Chairman of the Trnava Self-governing


The main organizer is the Rye Island Enlightenment Centre /established by the Trnava

Self-governing Region/, co-organizer is the Rye Island Museum.

The Slovak Arts Council contributed to the event from public resources.

The Town of Dunajská Streda donated a special contribution to the event.

The municipalities of Veľký Meder and Veľké Dvorníky contributed financially, as well

as further sponsors, to whom we would like to thank very much.

The sponsor of the opening was the company MINIT s.r.o.

The curator of the exhibition from the very beginning is PhDr. Kornélia Nagyová.


The secretary of the competition is PhDr. Dagmar Madarásová.

Text: jana svetlovská

Photo: J.K. Stefankovics

Transl. Mgr. Edita Tilajčíková


Video made by Rye Island Enlightenment Centre


Project Leader: PhDr. Dagmar Madarásová

Camera and editing works: Bc. Áron Derzsi

Responsible: Mgr. Jana Svetlovská



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