20th Rye Island Crayons in 2019

Rye Island Crayons

20th Rye Island Crayons in 2019

The International Art Competition of Preschool-Aged Children

Rye Island Museum, 14 June 2019. On this festive day, we were delighted to welcome at the vernissage and awarding ceremony the small artists, their parents, relatives and teachers from all over Slovakia, as well as from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, China, Estonia and Hungary. The whole morning was filled with joy, laughter, understanding, love, art and peace. The children did not hide their heartfelt enthusiasm over the hilarious and fun programme of the mime Adrián Ohrádka and the presents that were handed over to the little winners by eminent personalities of social and cultural life and the sponsors of the event. To all the awarded children, once again, our sincere congratulations!


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